CT Scan

Quick Facts

Terminology: Computed Tomography scan

Approx procedure time: 30 min

Scheduling time: 2-5 days

Price range: $599-$799

In use since: 1971

Best for: help diagnose tumors and checking for internal injuries

The Imaging Center uses the GE Optima 660 128 Slice Scanner for Computer Tomography. This state of the art machine is a new generation volume CT scanner with a simplified workflow for quick and streamlined operation. The GE Optima 660 offers exceptional patient care and operational excellence. It is designed to provide full capabilities in advanced applications for Advanced cardiac, oncology, angiography and dynamic imaging.


All Scans - w/o contrast$599
All Scans - w/ contrast$799


What should I wear?

Wear comfortable clothing with no metal, including metal in zippers, buttons, and bras with clips or underwire. Clothing made with wicking material (Dry Weave or DryFit) should be avoided. Be prepared to remove all jewelry, body piercings, hair clips or extensions that may contain metal. A locker will be provided for personal belongings, but please consider leaving all unnecessary items at home.